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Prize Upload Requests

The Summer Seminar culminates with a drawing for exciting prizes!!  Would you like to win hotel accommodations? Gift cards to your favorite stores? Or EAST® Gear? To enter, submit items from the list below. One ticket will be entered for each submission, so the more items you submit, the better chance you have of winning! Click on Prize Uploads from the MySeminar menu (must be logged in) in the top right corner of the page for submission instructions. The resources received will be reviewed and the top selections will be provided to new facilitators at EAST Phase training and the items will be added to the facilitator resources located on www.EASTinitiative.org. The requests below may be added anytime until 3 p.m., CST, Wednesday, July 18, 2018 for verification purposes.

Project Page

Submit a high quality project, including photos and narrative description, to the Project Page and if approved, receive 3 tickets.

Student Training Year-End Survey

Complete the Student Training Year-End Survey, receive 3 tickets.

Photography Uploads

Earn 1 ticket for each upload from this section.

  • Brainstorming / Group Discussion Area

  • Classroom Panorama

  • Project or Planning Board

  • Screenshot of official Summer Seminar hashtag (#EASTSeminar) on any social media platform. Remember to tag EAST!

  • Favorite (or most useful) area of your classroom

  • Favorite (or most useful) storage space for technology, classroom materials, etc.

  • Most successful way to promote EAST within your school or to the community (i.e. school TVs announcements, display case, bulletin board, flier, etc.)

  • Screenshot of any social media platform - Great examples of social media to promote / celebrate your program / "EASTizing your community"

  • Win Column / Celebration boards

  • Photo of your EAST Night Out

Document & Form Uploads

Earn 1 ticket for each upload from this section.

  • Signed Assurances

  • Application to be in EAST

  • EAST program Budget Breakdown or Examples (i.e. equipment upgrades, events, etc.)

  • Grading Practice / Evaluation Method (i.e. rubric, journal, portfolio, presentation, etc.)

  • Sample Lesson Plan

  • Project Progress Form

  • Recruitment Tool (i.e. brochure, flyer, recruitment event invitation, etc.)

  • Classroom Jobs List

  • Project Approval Form

  • Equipment Sign In / Out Sheet

  • Conference Budget

  • Application or Process for Choosing Conference Team

  • Conference Permission Form

  • Conference Team Schedule

  • Other Conference Item (anything you think other facilitators would like to have)

  • Sample Substitute Lesson Plans

  • Sample "Snow Days" Lesson Plans